Need a hand?

Do you need a hand tackling the challenges of being a modern-day merchant?

Put your brand in my most capable hands and we will work collaboratively to create a comprehensive suite of smart solutions tailored to your needs - your challenges.  With two decades of experience, I’ll guide you through the process of building a better, more efficient, and more lucrative online presence. And, in doing so, bring order to your digital world.

I handle full-service web build projects and often have flexibility for audits, feature implementations, tech stacks, small refreshes, and general code work.  If you’re seeking solely an aesthetic solution for your web presence, know that I like to dig deeper into the strategy and the implementation to make you the most successful merchant and don’t focus on the visuals alone.

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Is tech unfamiliar territory? Let’s chart the path together.

Built Best packages help your brand find its untapped potential. A few of our most requested offerings:

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The Built Best Audit

360 Assessment of Website & Upgrades

For clients who know there’s a lot more they could do to thrive online but don’t know where to start. An eye opening, problem solving package to assess and upgrade your website to be uniquely yours and more competitive.

The Built Best Support System

Tiered Ongoing Priority Support & Monitoring

For clients who want their pulse on their website’s performance with routine SEO reports, audits and easy access to make updates. An insurance plan for 24/7 uptime and piece of mind.

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Photography by Kelley Raye //

The Built Best Tech Stack

Collecting & Connecting The Best Tools, Platforms & Apps

For clients who want to bring order, efficiency and simplicity to their online presence. Uncover the untapped potential to build the most seamless online experience.