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How can having an Email Preferences Page Prevent Users from Unsubscribing

Email marketing is still effective for businesses to connect personally with their customers. But keeping subscribers around and preventing unsubscriptions is a never-ending challenge. Putting an email preferences page in place is a good way to counter this. This proactive strategy improves engagement, fortifies the bond between the company and its customers, and lowers the number of unsubscribes. Let’s explore how a simple preferences page…

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4 Email Activities to Focus on While Planning for 2024

Optimizing email marketing tactics is essential to remaining competitive and connecting with the audience as we progress in 2024. With the various changes to the policies and rules surrounding sending emails, adapting new techniques and methods in email marketing setup is necessary. The effectiveness of email marketing has always relied on some specific activities. Let’s examine four tasks that should help you extract more from…

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Are you ready for Google and Yahoo’s new 2024 email sender requirements? 6 steps to take now

Yahoo and Gmail try their best to shield users from unsolicited and spam emails. They have decided it was about time to make email deliverability best practices as definite rules in 2024’s sender requirements. So, where does this leave you as a bulk email sender/marketer? Simply put, you must follow crucial best practices for email authentication and spam prevention to guarantee your emails reach your…

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How to use Google PageSpeed Insights to evaluate website performance

Using Google PageSpeed Insights is really easy. To begin, click here to open Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Next enter your website URL and click ‘Analyze.’ You may need to wait a few minutes for the analysis to finish especially if your website is large or complex. Once the tool has finished analyzing your website, your scores will be shown on the page. Your mobile scores…

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Why you should consolidate all your performance metrics into a dashboard

Gathering your performance measurements in one place is a lot more than just a boring technical task; it’s a relatively straightforward task that will give your company a leg up in an increasingly competitive digital world. Imagine having a magical instrument that efficiently and clearly tells the story of your unique digital growth. Sounds a lot better than a suite of tools that just throw…

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How to Perform a Hard Refresh and Clear Your Browser Cache

Have you ever revisited a website only to find it loading faster than the first time? That’s because your browser stores a local copy of the site on your computer, enabling quicker access compared to downloading it from the internet each time. While caching speeds up page loading, it may lead to changes not immediately appearing on the website. This is a common issue for…

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