Meet Natasha

Natasha is an experienced web developer, designer, and email marketer with over 20 years of expertise in the field. She proudly holds the title of Certified Shopify Plus Expert and is recognized as one of the pioneering Shopify specialists in the Southeastern United States.

The name "Built Best" is a tribute to Natasha's first business, Nicely Built, which she established back in 2012. Nicely Built quickly gained a reputation as one of Georgia's well-known and respected Shopify agencies. In 2021, Nicely Built was acquired, along with other local boutique shops, to form a new agency.

However, the transition didn't align perfectly with Natasha's aspirations. After two intense years as an agency partner, she made the decision to shift gears and focus on what she truly loves: working directly with clients and diving into code.

"I'm thrilled to collaborate with a roster of preferred clients and create truly memorable work! I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue evolving in an industry that I'm genuinely passionate about."

Natasha resides in Kirkwood, a charming Atlanta neighborhood, where she lives in a century-old historic home with her family. During her downtime, she enjoys quality moments with her loved ones, indulging in reading, exploring new destinations, tending to her garden, and experiencing the joy of live music.

Photography by Kelley Raye //
Photography by Kelley Raye //